Singapore Part I


Travelling is always so tiring isn’t it?

Singapore Airlines, (those that have flown with them already know) are excellent.  Certainly from the moment Jane gets that hot towel, to the pretty nice food (beats hospital food anyway) to the time you do 5 loops for half an hour over Singapore, they treat you the best.

Anyway, we arrived at the Conrad with our 10 bags (yep, you read it right) and were taken to the 31st floor for check-in.  Our rooms were actually on this floor, which was nice.  It takes a long time to get up 31 floors in the lift so being on that floor was handy.

Having access to the exec lounge until 11pm each day with last drink call (all laid on of course) is rather nice.  But a long day deserves a long sleep.  Bed at around 11pm (1:30 am in Adelaide) and up at 9 for breaky.

Friday we decided to take the hop-on, hop-off bus to Orchard Road (a well know Shopping Precinct/Tourist Hotspot) for a walk around and get the lay of the land. This road is unlike Regent St (London), The Champs élysées (Paris) with all of it expensiBe shops.  Such as Cartier, Louis Vouton, Prada, Georgio Armani and the like.  Well, that was the side off the road we were on anyway.  The other side had ”Lucky Plaza” and “The House of Condoms” and women throwing leaflets for a massage at you.  Lunch at Ion Sky (a beautiful shopping centre but has an escalator system like the stairs in Hogwarts Castle).  Lotsa nice food and cool gadgety shops.

After lunch we headed back onto Orchard Road and boarded the Hop-on bus once more to all but complete our trip except for one final stop at the World Famous RAFFLES Hotel.  Why’s it famous?  It’s famous for the Long Room and the birthplace of the Singapore Sling.

Interesting thing with the Long Room that I wasn’t aware.  It’s a haven for those that like picking nuts from the shells.  Lotsa shells.  But what do you do with them?  Chuck ’em on the floor of course!  The floor was covered in them. If you ever get a chance to go to this famous and iconic location.

Back to the Conrad for a small rest and a few photo’s from our hotel room on the 31st as the light started to fade.  Downstairs for a bite to eat at Oscars and then the Exec Lounge for a nightcap before bed.  Zonked.

New Day, new energy.  We headed to the Flyer and viewed the magnificent sights of the city.  Please enjoy some of the photo’s I’ve taken.

I hope you enjoy the few photo’s I have taken today.  It’s a start.


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