Paris and the sights therein

From the blog post (au revoir Paris) you’ll see that Paris is  a big place with simply too much to do in a week.  We didn’t go to the Louvre (although it is still possible to go tonight) but Jane, Geoff and I have already seen it.  We didn’t go into Notre Dame Cathedral (but did see it’s gothic beauty from the river) and you could probably name 100 other things we should have done, but haven’t.  But still, we’ve been very busy and very tired as a result.  A lot of walking and plenty of buying of baguettes, pane au chocolat and many other nice foods including Blood Sausage, Steak Tartare and had some amazing foods at Agape Substance, an aspiring Michelin Star restaurant with a yukky maitre d’ 🙂

Check out the photo’s below for a snapshot of what we did.  Particularly look at the smiling faces of Jane, Geoff and Andrew on a Flying Dumbo the Elephant!


As mentioned in the blog (Arrivée à Paris), we (Geoffrey, Andrew and I) took a 25-30 walk to the Arc de Triomphe from our Apartment near the Eiffel Tower.  We walked a few backstreets, across the Seine and up to the Champs Elysee.  We knew we had to find the underground tunnel to get to the Arc so we crossed the road to try and find it.  It wasn’t there so we crossed another, and another.  We finally found it on the far side of the Arc de Triomphe intersection.  It probably would have helped if we crossed the Champ Elysee where we were because it was about 20 metres from where we first stood.

So, €9.50 each and we started the climb.  I started zooming up those stairs until I started to get tired and then slowed down somewhat.  It’s a hell of a climb for anyone!

The photo’s below show you what it was like at the top.  Great views of Paris all around.  I hope you enjoy them.  After being up there for 40 minutes or so, we took the long (and much quicker) walk down the stairs back to the base and through the tunnel toward the Champs Elysee and the Rich Persons Walk past all of the high end shops.  A coffee and French style Yiros later we crossed back over the Seine via the Pont (Bridge) Alexandre iii.  This is supposed to be one of the most decorated bridges in the city and was glistening bright gold in the low sun.

We headed toward the L’Hôtel national des Invalides and met a group of retired (and may unemployed) men playing Pétanque (Bolles) amongst the grove of trees.  Andrew reckons they’re just retired French Mafia.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Well, enjoy the photo’s and if you have any questions or comments, please post below.

– Steve


9 comments on “Paris and the sights therein

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    • Some of the shots were taken at around 12-14mm with my 10-22mm Canon EF-S. The skies were changing from Sunny to Brooding. Made for some interesting shots. The ones I really wanted to take didn’t work out as well as I hoped, using an NDx400 (10 stop) neutral density filter but I had the lens maxed out at f22 and the shutter speed at up to 60 seconds, yet I still didn’t have a long enough shutter speed as seen in

  2. Hi ya Steve, OMG these are great photos – you have such a good ‘eye’ . I’ve forwarded your connections to Megan and John.

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