London Calling

Please enjoy the photo’s of London.  I’ve tried to make them a little more interesting and not so cliche.  Like Paris, many buildings are iconic and have been taken from every single angle possible.  Where possible I have tried to be a little creative, but where I have not, well..  just gloss over them 🙂

In the first instalment of photo’s, I have added the views you can see from Westminster to Trafalgar Square and then onto Buckingham Palace.

In the second and final instalment of photo’s I have added our trip to Heston Blumenthal’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant (The Fat Duck) plus another trip into the city to the London Eye and Madam Tussauds Wax Museum.  Check out the blog here.

We also went to a really cool record playing, natural wine serving bar that Geoff had picked out on his list of must go places.  Very nice indeed.



6 comments on “London Calling

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  2. The real question is.. Can you get yourself back to where you were without Andrew’s help 🙂 .. Also what line did you catch from from the station near your hotel to Westminster.. Can you work the Underground..
    Hope you are having a great time there.. Great pics..
    BTW – we just had a estimate for Sun 39C..

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  4. Hey, didnt realise you could “sell back” Oyster cards – good spotting.
    Great photos as usual – cant see how you and Jane are talking with you blogging so much (maybe that’s the idea?), but I enjoy the pics and explanation…
    And what is it with Andrew’s glasses? (you said not to ask so….)

    Have a wonderfully wild time on Wight… and a woverluly Chwistmas…

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