Fast Fact: 10% covered by Glaciers, the land of Fire and Ice was one of the poorest countries in the world from settlement in 874 A.D. until the 1990’s where it developed into one of the wealthiest.

Iceland is beautiful. It has developed into a very modern and trendy place with Art, Music & Fish being it’s main exports. It is also world renown for it’s gastronomic delights. Yet it is one of the most rugged and inhospitable countries on the planet. You only have to go from the lava cave or volcano, to the glaciers and their 300 metre cauldrons or both together like Eyjafjallajökull (the 2010 eruption) which is a volcano underneath a glacier to realise how dangerous and beautiful this place can be at the same time.

Those who haven’t been to Iceland can’t necessarily understand what it is about this place, but those who have experienced the Aurora Borealis, Blue Lagoon, the people and most of all the landscape and history find it hard to decide to tell people, or keep it to themselves. Even if you can’t make it up to 66° North you can also share in the Saga’s of Vikings and ‘Hidden Folk’ about trolls and elves. But no-one believes in them here anymore. But the do ‘respect’ them!

Moving on…

I won’t explain every photo other than what is in the captions but I will say enjoy the photo’s taken below and hope that one day you get to enjoy the sights, sounds and food of this most wonderful of places.

My NYE photo’s have somewhat disappeared. Hopefully I’ll get them back.

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2 comments on “Ísland/Iceland

  1. Really cool photos….. sorry about that. But the photo of the trees looks like that is it a fairy-tale land. Hope you are looking forward to the even colder climate while we have to put up with 30+ days..
    Looks like you are getting to the serious part of your trip. Hope you enjoy your time there – we are all thing of you. Keep up the enjoyment – and when you have time your updates K&K

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