Dinosaur Island

Straight to the fast fact:  The Isle of Wight is nicknamed Dinosaur Island because of a very important find of Brachiosaurus bones in 1992.  There have since been many other discoveries of Dinosaur footprints along areas of the coastline.

Another fast fact of possible more importance is that THE Bear Grylls was raised on the Isle of Wight since the age of 4.  Now that’s important info right there!

Okay, less facts and more banter. We arrive on the Isle of Wight in what the British would say “an almight cock-up”.  The bus picking us up from the Docklands failed to show which meant we were standing in the rain for 1 1/2 hours!  We managed to get a taxi to the required Bus Station and finally arrived at the Ferry where we missed our scheduled (and booked ferry).  However we managed to hop on the next one and it was all sorted in the end.

Hazel, Roy and Jackie met us at the pier and we headed to our lodgings.  You’ll see a picture of our house in the gallery below.  The bottom story was ours.

Most of our stay here was under a cloud, with sometimes rain and sometimes just overcast.  We drove to a few locations but it wasn’t really a great photo opportunity because 1) the weather, and 2) mainly because you can’t just stop on the side of the road because there is no side of the road.  The roads are narrow and the grass verge was probably mud.

There’s lots more information in my blog on our trip so I’ll just end this here.  Enjoy the photo’s.  For the info of the photographers out there, most of the photo’s were taken in Freshwater Bay with many of them using a 4 second time lapse.  Anyway.  Enjoy and I’ll see you in Iceland.. Yay!! (I am really looking forward to Iceland).

These videos were taken on Christmas Day



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