My Home Town

Having lived in Adelaide since I was 4 years old, and coming from a country town called Woomera, I have spent effectively all my life in the city and suburbs.

From the rough and tough Northern Suburbs, to the North Eastern Suburbs and now living just a stones throw from the Eastern Parklands that surround this beautiful city, I am really starting to appreciate what is has to offer in it’s origins in the mind of Colonel William Light who designed the city and it’s wonderful green belt to the more recent additions along the banks of the Torrens River.

As I have thrown myself into photography more and more I have had the opportunity to see the city and hopefully capture the beautiful sights the city is able to produce.

Menacing Skys
Menacing Sky’s over a Golden Rotunda

Adelaide, like most (but not all) modern city, evolves over time and in 2013 it is on the cusp of many changes.  These include a redevelopment of the main shopping district of Rundle Mall to become a more vibrant and fluid centre of pop-up stalls through the centre of it’s 400 metres long mall, surrounded by the usual fare of department stores, food courts and cafe’s.  The centre of Adelaide, in Victoria Square is also having it’s first major development for well over a century, but for me the most exciting region of the city is the South Bank Precinct.  The Festival Plaza as given to us by one of our greatest Premiers (Sir Don Dunstan) in the mid 1970’s (and looking for the most part, like a burnt orange kitchen bench of the same era does to the contemporary yuppies living in a recently restore settlers cottage on the southern border of the town).  But it’s a part of a magnificent plan to add life to a forgotten gem that we have ignored for the last 30 or so years.

A revitalised Adelaide Oval with a walkway crossing the span of the river to what will hopefully be a hub of restaurants, cafe’s and entertainment for many years to come.  Are we copying the likes of the South Banks of Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland?  I hope so.

Whilst I continue to take photo’s of my beautiful surrounds, I have two main galleries of the wonderful sights, both as a result of a photowalk with friends from the Whirlpool community.

South Bank Precinct

South Bank Precinct, Adelaide, South Australia


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