About Me

I love taking photographs.  I love travelling.  In fact I would love to do it way more than I actually do.  My thoughts on this may be very similar to  you, or they may be quite different.  But we are a world of “snappers” and it doesn’t matter if it’s with a phone or some rich kid toy worth a squillian dollars.  We love to look at things.  I hope to show you some of my “snaps” and I hope you enjoy them.

With regard to Photography

In my humble opinion,  a good photograph makes a person stop and just look at it.  It may evoke an emotion, a thought, or just a desire to be there when the photograph was taken.  That’s the sort of photo I would love to take and I’ll keep trying until I get it.

I learned a lot of my photography from work.  But I can’t show you those pictures.  And they aren’t that interesting anyway.  Who really wants to see what a smashed window looks like anyway?  But I really started to learn photography by checking out everyone else’s photo’s.  The internet has given me an insight in to what great photographers can do and I have hopefully stolen a few ideas from them and hopefully it shows occasionally.

I’m not saying I’m a great photographer or even a good photographer.  What I am saying is that I enjoy taking photographs.  I know some really good photographers.  People who may or may not have an extraordinary knowledge of all those things that make up a photograph including Aperture, Field of View, Golden Ratio’s and Bokeh (we all love a good bokeh).  I know a portion of that theory stuff, but what I would really like to learn and am really jealous of, are of those people who have a ‘great eye’ and  a knack of pressing the button at the right time pointing at the right thing!

I can wish to be that good.  But  I really hope you enjoy some of the photo’s I have taken and put on this site anyway.  One day you might stop and look at my photographs and at least wish you were there with me at the time to enjoy the real thing.

With regard to Travel

Travel is one of those things that is considered a luxury.  Well, I’m blessed to have travelled at least a little bit.  Many people travel far far more than I and have been bitten by the travel bug.  Travelling is exciting.  Going to new places that you’ve seen in glossy magazines or on your 55″ Plasma TV.  You may have read books set in some exotic or even some not so exotic place that intrigues you.  I’ve travelled to (in order of appearance) Vanuatu, Thailand (x2), Papua New Guinea and to several countries in Europe.  I haven’t been to Africa, South or North America, pretty well anywhere in Asia and these things are on my todo list.  Hopefully one day.  But I love to spend a reasonable amount of time in the places I have been to enjoy the countryside, enjoy meeting the locals. That to me is what travelling is all about and I hope to do this for as long and as many times as I can.

With regard to ME!

I’m 5’10 3/4″.  I’m balding, past middle-aged and love to chat and that’s it!  I think I’m friendly so please, as you go through this site and see something you like (or don’t like) please post something in the comments sections.  I am more than accommodating and happy to delete anything mean because the internet doesn’t need any more mean words!

Enjoy the blog and if you want to contact me personally, just email me at steve09090@gmail.com

Steve Hunt


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