Isle of Wight


Chale Church – Isle of Wight

I’m sorry if you have been inundated with these posts on your Facebook page.  But I have finally caught up and hopefully these posts will only be every couple of days and not every day.

The Isle of Wight is a place particularly close to Jane’s heart.  She’s spent many weeks here over the past few years.  We go back to visit her Aunt and Cousins (and their children and their children as well).  Of particular importance to Jane was her Uncle Roy Wyld who passed away late last year (November 2015).  He’d been sick and we had flown over previously in July 2014.  But despite her Uncle Roy not being present, she felt the need to visit some of his favourite places on the island.  And this time she was able to share her family (or a small portion of them) with our friends Julia, Trevor, Steven and Tracy.


Jane and Jacquie

The day of our arrival in the evening, we ate at a local restaurant in the town where we were staying in Vintner (south east coast of the island).  Thanks to those who could come including Jane’s cousin Gary, Sue and their daughter Sarah.  Her Aunt Hazel and close cousin Jacquie also were there.

IoW-1_02The following morning, once we had the chance was to head to Freshwater Bay where Jane’s Aunt Hazel lived with Roy and went to Freshwater Bay at the Lifeboat Shop that Roy had manned for many years.

A plaque had been installed in the shop to honour Roy for his dedicated service to the shop.  It was a pleasure to be there and share this one last time of this area.

IoW-1_10We were able to drive the island for a sight seeing tour, specifically for everyone else, including a stop at the Chale Church.  The Church has recently celebrated it’s 900th anniversary.  I had been there before to photograph it this beautiful building and it’s permanent inhabitants, but it is always a pleasure to go back again.  A trip also to Yarmouth through the old town, some small purchases at a local glass shop and tea house / cafe.

IoW_008On Day 2 the entire group went to Godshill which is one of the most beautiful villages on the Island, and that also includes the Model Village found in the centre of the town. The village, whilst slightly weird (with it’s crazy faced villages) and very quirky in nature was a delight to visit.  There are some wonderful recreations of landmarks around Godshill and the island including churches, beaches and even archery clubs.  I’m not sure I can adequately describe some of the dioramas, but have a look through the photo’s for your own opinion.  Look out for the streaker on the soccer (football) field.  Also the clown in the sunroom of a house is slightly disturbing.  I warn you now.  Notwithstanding the humour, I am sure you will agree, the workmanship that has gone on to make these models, both in the structure and the gardens, is simply amazing.

After a bite to eat at a Cafe in Godshill, Jane, Tracy and I picked up Hazel and Jacquie at the Newport Marks and Spencers shopping centre and took them home.  A short but lovely visit to see Jess and her (and Dan’s) son Harry and then back to pick up Hazel for a trip to the Island Pearl shop and Cream Tea at the Chessel Pottery Barn.

We finally returned home to Ventnor with the many rules that applied to our Airbnb accomodation preparing for the next stage of our 6 week tour that was heading north from the Island to Bath.

Kitchen Shot – Ventnor


Enjoy the photo’s.


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