Greville Hague_01I have left this post to the end of our trip. If for no other reason, because it was at the end of the stay that we had time to take photo’s and explore the immediate area.

We arrive on the 2nd of June on my birthday after a trip from Paris and a stop in Giverny to visit Fondation Claude Monet (the home of the famous impressionist painter from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s).

When we arrived we were surprised by a cake, some sparkling wine (made in the ‘traditionalle methode’ (i.e. the same as Champagne, but outside of that region).   We did not have the appetite (after going out to dinner for my birthday) or the energy to eat the cake or open the wine on that day.  That was left until later.

On Saturday the 4th of June we needed to drop off the 2 hire cars we had used for the trip from Paris until then.  Hertz was not open on the Sunday, which was the day of our departure.  Early (about 10am) we headed to Cherbourg, which is a city about 20 kilometres from where we were staying in the village of Greville Hague. (by the way, when you say Village, you need to say it like thus.. Villargggge.   You need to extend the g’s.  Sounds way cooler than just village.  And you’re in France).

For those interested, Cherbourg is the home of the new South Australian Submarinen Contract and is also the site of a Nuclear Power Station, involved in the bid to house Uranium in outback S.A.  Expect to hear a lot more from this city in future years.  It will have a big impact on the S.A. economy. And it’s a lovely place to visit.

CherbourgAfter returning the cars and walking around the streets (breakfast etc) we came across these 2 selling Crabs and Lobster.  The crabs were only €8 each.  We bought two.  Named Claude and Christoff.  They were going to be dinner. As soon as I saw them, I could see a Crab Spaghetti on my plate to have alongside the sparkling wine already chilling in the fridge.  With some minor extras needed for dinner, we returned home via a taxi.

claude_christoffWe froze and cooked the crabs and put them back in the fridge to cool down whilst Trevor and I went on a bit of a hike around home.    Our house was absolutely stunning in it’s ‘oldness’.  The charm of the grey stone and the tiled floors were something of novels.  The open fireplace in the lounge room.  The flowers growing in the back yard. The horses and the goats in the nearby paddocks.  The farmers next door pulling weeds along the road way in their boots and old pants, wearing hats as they cleaned up their own spaces.

A walk around the cottage and down a lane brought us to a smaller lane.  We walked up this area and ended up next to a goat. You’ll see that goat in the photo’s below.  But that was too short a walk for us, and not the photographs we wanted. We wandered back and found a smaller lane.  Actually a track. We had seen many walkers and cyclists in the area.  The track went down a long way.  Maybe a kilometre or 2.  But a wonderful walk none the less.

Greville Hague_11An hour or so later we returned, a little worst for wear.  Tired, hot, smelly and beaming smiles as we had achieved the photograph tasks we had set ourselves.  Our regular ‘fitness’ walks had paid off on this one hour.  As hard as it was.  A quick wash before deconstructing Claude and Christoff in preparation for dinner.  This was one Crab Pasta that I felt I really deserved.  A satisfying day.

Please enjoy these photo’s as much as I loved taking them.


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