Sweden, the whirlwind tour

Tyska kyrkan

Sweden was just a way for us to extend our holiday!  We left about a week earlier than originally planned and we need to fit in 5 days between London and Copenhagen.

We had to leave Iceland at some ungodly hour and were up at 3:30 a.m!  Flew into Stockholm Arlanda Airport around midday and had a 45 minute drive to Stockholm.  Why are so many airports  so far away from the capital?  Copenhagen Kastrup (international) is about 5 km’s away from the city.


So… we find out the Hilton is directly opposite the Stockholm Old Town.  Just far enough away so we can clearly see it and our rooms have been upgraded to face the town.  It was a lovely view and I hope you agree with a few of the photo’s taken from our balcony.  I really hope you agree and that the photo’s were worth it because on the 5th floor, facing the icy cold wind, it was brrrr… freezing.

We only had one whole day in Stockholm so on that particular day we walked into the town, had lunch (we slept in and missed breakfast) and wandered with some aim down the cobbled streets.  For those that haven’t re-read my Iceland page, was that during New Years Eve, I lost a tripod plate for my camera.  Which meant I couldn’t take any night time photo’s (that I just love taking). So having contacted a photo group from Sweden on Facebook (Crackers –  yet another good reason to use facebook), I was put onto a Photographic Shop about 2 kilometres up the road.  Fortunately for us, it was in the shopping district over the other side of Old Town (which is on an island in the middle of Stocklholm). So, I found my bit, and  we headed back.  Plenty of stops on the way though, coffee, shops etc.  It really was a lovely walk.

I celebrated with the night time shot of Old Town using my new bit, and I hope they satisfy those looking at them.  I also added a few shots of the many cars and trains driving underneath or around our hotel.


We headed to Malmo yesterday, and again for only 1 full day in the town.  Malmo, for those not in the know, is a magical place where fantastic crime TV Series such as, “Kurt Wallander” and “The Bridge” were filmed.  In fact both Wallanders (UK and Swedish ones) were filmed in and around Malmo down at Ystad.  No time to go there, so we (today, the 6th Jan) walked up to the Malmo Police Station as a sign of respect.  What I found out is that the Malmo Police Station is the most boring looking building on the planet!  So no photo’s of that. But again, it was a nice walk.  Today was a Sunday and most places are shut on Sundays.  So it was more of a stroll day.  I managed to take a couple of photo’s, but nothing that I would consider ultra interesting.  Still, I hope you enjoy those.  I did manage to find a church though.  Paul H, you should be happy with that, but I couldn’t find any interesting doors for you.  Sorry.

So.  Tomorrow we catch a train into Denmark for our second last stop.  5 days then off to Singapore.  We head over the Øresund Bridge which is an exceptional structure (if you’re into things like that) that spans 8 kilometres from Malmo to a man made island then it turns into a tunnel for 4 km and comes out in Denmark.

So, I’ll talk to you on the other side of the bridge a bit later.


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