Golden Circle

Strokkur erupting

Strokkur erupting

One of the ‘must do’ tours a visitor to Iceland needs to do is the “Golden Circle Tour”.  It consists of a 8 hour bus ride and 3 stops to Geysir (where the dormant Geysir resides) and various other geysirs like Strokkur above erupt frequently.  There is also a visit to Gulfuss.  Gulfoss (Golden Falls) is a massive waterfall that consists of 3 different falls.  It is called the Golden Falls because during the summer it can shine gold when the sun hits it at a certain angle.

The other stop is at Þingvellir (The icelandic letter Þ is pronounced like a “th”).  Þingvellir is the home of the alÞingi (Allthing or Parliament).   It was the home of all decisions in Iceland from about 930 A.D. until very recently and is still used to announce major changes within the country.  The heads of the alÞingi used to stand on top of the cliffs and yell out the laws of the land into the cavern below where the ‘normal’ people stood.

I hope you like the photo’s from that trip.

Today we went into the city for lunch.  Reykjavik was closed (generally) for the first part of the New Years public holiday (at midday on 31 Dec) and extends through the 1st January.  We had lunch at Loki (specialising in Iceland foods) where Geoff, Jane and I had Fermented Shark (that smelly stuff people don’t like).  I would describe it as an intense blue cheese.  We also had Skyr, various fish (including a dried fish) and even a rye bread icecream.  Very odd mixture, but very nice lunch indeed.

We  ventured across the snow and ice (basically the street) to Hallgrímskirkja.  Its the very tall church that imposes itself over the capital with its very different design.  I went to the tower at the top where I was simply frozen it what would have been an apparent temperature of around -20°!.  The current temperature is around -2° and an apparent temperature of around -10° (taking into account the wind).  I really hope the attached photo’s were worth it.

I have also taken a few photo’s of the houses near the frozen lake of Tjörnin. This place really is beautiful.  Some may have seen my previous photo on my last trip with blue skies and a seagull in the corner.  This place astounds at how beautiful and untamed it is.

Tonight we head to Hallgrímskirkja for the famed New Years Eve fireworks after a nice meal at Vox (Hilton Restaurant).  Hopefully I’ll have something to show you.

Check out the photo’s from both days on the Iceland Page

A sample of what you’ll see is below.


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