Winter (Reykjavik) Wonderland

Laekjargata Square

Laekjargata Square

‘Twas a long trip from the Isle of Wight to our hotel (up at 6:30 am and in bed by 2:30 am the following morning).  But when we woke up…

When we woke up at 10 a.m. and looked out of our hotel room to see snow flakes falling it was like Christmas without the jingle bells.  So these were the first snow flakes I had ever seen falling from the sky.  In reality it was probably more like a mixture of snow and rain, but I can ignore the rain.  Our window opens slightly so I managed to stick my hand out to catch a snow flake and quickly withdraw it to taste my first snow flake!  It tasted like water…

We slowly ventured out after a brunch and headed via strætó (Bus) to the main strip of Reykjavik.  It really started snowing then.  You’ll see from the photographs in the Iceland Page how beautiful it was. Our first stop was to the obvious place….  The Barber.  My hair had grown to at least a #5 cut, so it needed the cut.  He took it down to a #1.  Geoff  had been wanting his hair cut as well.  He got a #2!  His hair is now shorter than his beard.  You’ll have to look for the photo of Geoff when I can get a snap without a beanie on.  Those who know Geoff will no doubt be knocked over by this change.  I blame Justin Timberlake for making the shorn look cool 🙂

So… We had a walk down through town and stopped for coffee, the sights, a beanie for Jane and of course a Pylsur from Bæjarins beztu pylsur near the wharf.  Everyone who goes to Reykjavik has a pylsur (hotdog or sausage) from this famous hotdog stand.  Even Ex-President Bill Clinton!  It’s a sublime mix of 3 differently cooked onions,  very finely diced with a special sauce (x2) and one of the best hotdog sausages you will ever try.  There is always a queue at the stand no matter what time of day or night.  It was about 4 pm and while we were there (about 5 minutes) they must have sold at least 20.

We then made the walk back to the bus station (about a kilometre or 2 up the road).  Pushing against the blizzard that was occurring around us and wading through several of inches of snow that was now covering every part of the Iceland capital.

So. Checklist for our first full day in Iceland

  • First Snowfall
  • Booked: Golden Circle Tour for Sunday 30th Dec
  • New Years Eve Dinner and transfers to an amazing spot to see fireworks – sorted.
  • Booked: Northern Lights Superjeep Tour (everyone needs to go on a superjeep tour) for 1st Jan
  • Walk up and down Laugavegur (Main street of Reykjavik)
  • Get haircut (x2)
  • Get Icelandic Wool Beanie for Janie
  • Pylsur
  • First Blizzard

It was a full day and after getting into dry clothes back at the Hilton Nordica we had our pre-dinner drinks and into Vox, a renown restaurant in Nordic cuisine. They even make an edible Rice Pudding.  I’ll put it on the Hunt Menu for those coming around upon my return.

Maybe tonight I’ll have the reindeer tartare!

Iceland Photo’s here


4 comments on “Winter (Reykjavik) Wonderland

  1. Read your blog more closely now…read haircut x2 and thought it was you. Liked the snow flake taste (you really are an idiot Steve), seen all your photos – beautiful! The lake looks magnificent with the sun on the houses – how did you organise that?
    Also it was good to see you get all religious and go inside a church…

    • And there I was, going to bring back a snow flake for you. You blew that chance!
      I was lucky with the light because they were taken during the ‘Golden Hour’. Fortunately the a golden hour goes for about 3-4 hours every day…
      I even went to photograph a gate (and door) for you and got this.

      P.S. I am serious about the reason for the photo. I moved to a spot to get some snow in the photo and those stupid houses started showing off again!

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