I’m dreaming of a (Isle of) Wight Christmas

Blue Tide on the wall at Freshwater Bay

Blue Tide on the wall at Freshwater Bay

Sorry about the few days delay in writing.  It’s Christmas Day right now (11pm) and I’ve finally sat down and finished this little blog.  But lets go back a few days.

It was a dark and stormy night…

The temperature has been very mild.  It’s not cold at all.  We have days around 13°’s but it’s often raining (not too hard) and quite foggy.  I managed to go out this evening and take a few photo’s along the bay and I hope you like them.  The water was very rough as you can see in the first photo, but I managed to get some nice shots (with a little photo trickery)!

Most of our days have been spent with a few hours with Hazel, Roy, Jackie, Jennifer and Sasha.  For those not in the know, Hazel is Jane’s Aunt who was one of two sisters of Jane’s late Mother.  Hazel has raised 6 children with Roy and currently is the foster mother of Jen and Sasha. She’s had countless previously. She’s (as you can tell) very giving. Roy is somewhat of a father figure to Jane.  He’s the father she never had.

But today.  Today was Christmas.  I rang mum at 8:00 a.m. (it’s Tuesday) and had a nice little chat whilst she was walking Daisy.  It was great to talk for a few minutes and here that everyone enjoyed Christmas Day at Kev & Karens.  Would have been nice to be there but naturally I was held up here.

Andrew decided to go for a little swim in the freezing cold English Channel (in the Bay at Freshwater) but the waves were crazy and the swell was unpredictable.  Instead he wandered up and down the boat launch chasing waves!  Have a look at the video’s on Youtube on how wild it was.

We went to Jane’s cousins (Gary and Sue) home nearby for lunch and had the traditional Christmas Meal complete with Turkey, lots of vegetables and Bread Sauce.  Anyone know what that is? ‘Twas nice to finally meet the family Jane has spoken about so often including Gary’s son (Daniel) and  fiance Jessica.  Still, it was a quiet Christmas and a memorable one at that.

Tomorrow we aim to go for a round of golf with Gary and hopefully Daniel.  Daniel is more or less a pro golfer.  He was pro until he had an accident that has set him back.  I don’t expect to win, but Andrew does (apparently).  Andrew put it out there that he intends to show me up or something.  We’ll see!

Edit:  He kicked my butt all the way to the Club Room.  I lost 5 balls, covered Andrew and Gary in mud and ended up being caddy and flag holder… And of course, Gary won the tournament!

Youtube Link here

Hope you enjoy the photo’s (click the above photo or here) and the video.


2 comments on “I’m dreaming of a (Isle of) Wight Christmas

  1. Did you get sprouts? – It is traditional as the Bread sauce at Christmas time…
    Looks like you had a cute cottage. Hope things work better on your next phase of your holiday – no “cock-ups” .. Good pictures – did you use the ND filter?

    • Lots of sprouts. Jane didn’t eat any though. More for me!
      I used the NDx400 (10 stop) filter in Paris but it didn’t work as well as I hoped. Mainly because the filter is defective as the glass is loose in the. Frame. But I think the photos still are turning out okay considering working off of 10″ netbook! The particular shot is the black & white one with the faded cars/buses.
      FYI I’m replying to this on the bus (free wifi) on the way to Rwykjavik from Keflavik Airport. It’s currently 12:50 am.

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