Please Mind the Gap

Anyone care to try and whip this up at home?  Botrytis Cinerea - Truly Amazing

Anyone care to try and whip this up at home? Botrytis Cinerea – Truly Amazing

The Fat Duck

This restaurant is somewhat out of the way.  1 bus and 2 trains and about 1 hr 45 mins later we arrived.  Fast Fact: The Fat Duck for those not in the know, is a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant owned and operated by Heston Blumethal.  It is one of only four 3 Michelin Star Restaurants in the United Kingdom and interestingly, another is located in the same country town, Bray (Google Map).

A quick rundown of the meal is that it was a 14 course.  Geoff and I had matching wines.  We (not me) started with a glass of champagne.  Geoff wasn’t going to, but as they had Dom Perignon by the glass, he decided he must!  Link – Fat Duck Tasting Menu

We had the usual Heston dishes like “Sounds of the Sea”, frozen cocktails made with Liquid Nitrogen, Snail Porridge, Mad Hatters Tea Party.  The highlight of the Tea Party was the Toast Sandwich.  Yep.  Not toasted, toast between 2 slices of bread!   (I know, it all sounds quite boring), but then the 4 courses of desserts started.
The mains and desserts were separated by a Hot & Iced Tea (the left side was cold and the right was warm as you drunk it).

I think the highlight above all was the Botrytis Cinerea (above picture).  Of course the final course, the “Like a Kid in the Sweet Shop” was amazing as well. You eat the wrapper of a particular sweet and (as Andy found out) the wax seal on the back of the Queen of Hearts (raspberry and cream) playing card.

Oh.  Final thing.  Heston was there.  He sat about 4 metres from us having a special dinner with his family.  Because he was with his family we decided not to bother him for photo’s etc but Geoff did get a “Hi” from him.

London Eye and Madam Tussauds.

The following day was a struggle physically after the massive meal and the long trips to and from the Fat Duck.  But we managed to get out of the Hotel around 11:30.  You’ll see the photo’s from the London Eye in the attached page, and those who have experienced my massive hatred of heights would have been very impressed.  Except for going near the door (for what seemed like 1000 metres from the ground), I was walking all around The Eye pod taking photo’s.  Brave I was!

Now those that think our whole trip is a gastronomic delight.  It’s not.  check out the food we got from the local “chinese” smorgasbord.  Like you’d have at every decent chinese restaurant, we had available to us, very very dry and old sausages, fish sticks made with the minimal amount of fish and tempura.  They don’t say what it was actually battering, but I can assure you, it was not edible.  Maybe tempura batter, or tempura floor scraps.  Not sure.  If you ever have the opportunity to find out in your science studies, please let me know so I can try and have it banned.

So, on a full stomach we headed to Madam Tussauds.  Plenty of celebs on the Red Carpet and was a lot of fun, but I’ll let you browse through our A-List of friends in the photo’s.  Andy actually struck up a real friendship with his new mate “Beebs”.  Beiber was a lot more pleasant than I thought he would be.

For a round up of London and all the Photos, go here.  Now off to Freshwater Bay for Christmas on the Isle of Wight.


4 comments on “Please Mind the Gap

  1. Hey Jane, Steve and Geoff, hope you are enjoying you travels, looks like you are eating well ,as usual. Bet you are not missing the 35deg heat back here in Adelaide. Enjoy Christmas and New Year, where ever you are.
    We will be in the warm Flinders Ranges. Keep well, enjoy the views and scenery. Travel safe.
    Regards Allan & Jan. Merry Christmas!!!

    • We’re definitely not missing the 35° or even the 39° scheduled for tomorrow. It’s about 13° today on Freshwater. It’s supposed to rain everyday we’re here but I don’t expect that to make a lot of difference. Enjoy your Christmas in the Flinders.

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