From Politics to Royalty

View of Victoria Tower from The Mall

View of Victoria Tower from The Mall

Okay, so we landed in London after our trip on the Eurostar underneath the English Channel from Paris, France to London, England.   We had a few problems with our organised pick-up from St Pancras Station, but eventually sorted that out.

We arrived at Hilton Docklands right about check-in time (opposite the Financial District of Canary Wharf).   The Hotel is a bit average for a Hilton in as far as the service isn’t what one would expect from such a big chain, but is clean enough and considering it was renovated from old warehouses, one cannot expect too much now, can one?

So, today…  Andrew took us on a 4 hour walk-about-town in the Westminster quarter of London.  We caught the underground to Westminster Station and headed topside.  You’ll see in the London Calling page the photographs I have taken and you can follow the area we walked on the map (link below).

The photographs can be seen here on the London Calling page and the Google Map of the area can be seen here.

So..  we started at Westminster and walked up past St Margaret’s Church and then to Westminster Abbey.  I hope you enjoy the photo’s of the doors.  Paul, they’re especially for you because I know how much you enjoy a good door photo!

We then headed to Trafalgar Square for coffee and then onwards and upward to Buckingham Palace along The Mall.  Most of my photo’s are along this beautiful boulevarde.  You can see shots of the Victoria Tower and Elizabeth Tower (often known as Big Ben after the bell that is housed within it) and both form opposite corners of the Palace of Westminster (Parliament House).  Okay, that’s enough history for you lot…  You’ll also see a photo of statues of the Late Queen Elizabeth and her Husband King George vi.

We moved up to the palace and took a few photo’s around the front and side of the grounds whilst heading up to Hyde Park to the Winter Wonderland.  You might notice what we all believe are a few coppers checking out a mobile phone in the doorway of the Palace while the Palace Guard is doing his job properly and not doing anything at all.  The last shot you’ll see is the eastern wall with a very spikey and not so friendly top.  Do not lose your frisbee over this wall!

No photo’s but we headed up to the Winter Wonderland held in Hyde Park.  Now this was a really really busy place.  How busy?  Glad you asked.  Imagine a lift that holds 10 people.  Now put 15 in it.  Multiply that by 1-2000 and fill it with Hot Apple Cider, Mull Wine, lots of sausages and as many sweet things as you can.  Stick it full of 200 rides and you’re starting to get the idea.  It was very Christmassy and very pretty. Glad that’s over!

So tomorrow we’ll be off to do a few things for Geoff including a visit to some trendy places that he’s been suggested.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little catch-up on todays events and I’ll add another blog after we’ve been to the Fat Duck Restaurant, been to the London Eye, Tower of London and whatever else we’ve come up with over the next couple of days.  Take care for now. xxx


4 comments on “From Politics to Royalty

  1. Howdy Steve. I will look at the door piccies when I can… thank you for thinking of me.
    If you guys look out at the Thames from your room we stayed this year in the building to your right in the top right apartment. We took the Thames ferry into the city each day and caught the tube and bus back (I can give you directions if you like but you have probably worked it out by now and are not walking everywhere).
    You have reminded me I have to take Lee-Ann to a Disneyland before we die – it sounds great – we are just big kids too.

    Hot and 39 degrees for Christmas Day – the same sort of weather you are having I’m sure.
    (hey, why don’t you try church in some Cathedral or something on Christmas Day? nudge, nudge.
    I know a good church at All Souls Langham Place (near the BBC building). If you mention me you might get a discount!

    Give my love to wife and child – God bless!

    • Hey thanks Paul. Unfortunately we will be on the Isle of Wight and I don’t know of any churches in that vicinity… Maybe you could assist…

      Getting around from here is a bit of a pain because we have to catch a ferry from here across to Canary Wharf and then walk to the tube. It works out cheaper that way but is a way to walk. We have Oyster Cards so that’s all sorted.

      Thinking of you all. Doubtful we’ll have a white Wight Christmas, but maybe if you pray for snow (and deliver), I’ll go to church!

      Take care and say hello to your wife and kids for us…

      Sent from my iPad

      • I forgot you are moving on and not in London for Christmas, duh.

        I think you can go across to Canary Wharf and then get a slightly discounted ticket on the ferry into the city (discounted if you use your Oyster Card). That’s from memory anyway – and it saves a walk and Jane’s knees.

        You can also catch a bus straight outside the Hilton that goes directly to the tube station and then change at whatever station you want for whichever line you want. No walking that way but you can wait for the bus about 20min…

        But you are right, its all expensive!

        Have a great time – great piccies as usual!

  2. Its the Canada Water station – 10 min by bus. The Hilton people will give you the bus no and timetable…

    …your friendly local transport guide

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