Au revoir Paris

le Tour Eiffel at Night

le Tour Eiffel at Night

Oh Boy. Travelling sure is tiring.  It’s raining outside so it’s a great excuse for a rest day.


Yesterday we spent the day at Disneyland Paris.  I was never one to go for all those make believe parks, but wow! This place is an entire city build out of fantasy and is simply amazing.  The rides were great.  Imagine going down a roller coaster, in the pitch black because you have just dived below the bottom of a lake!  When you emerge you are flying around a mountain top on the back of a train with no driver…  It’s not one of those 25 second rides either.  It goes for what seems to be at least 5 minutes, but who’s counting anyway.

But getting past the rides, Fantasyland (on which Disney is really built) is a spectacular to behold.  If you go to this linked page on Paris Sights you will likely see the really happy and smiling faces of Jane, Andrew and Geoff riding a flying Dumbo!  Ahhh.. kids…

We followed this up with dinner at Algape Substance (and top end restaurant with a 15 course degustation and some arrogant service from the maître d‘ who berated us because the owner had organised our reservation and not her.  How’s that our fault?  I can’t help thinking this restaurant would surely have a Michelin Star if it weren’t for her.


The previous day (Wednesday) we went for a tour on top of several freezing cold Hop-on Hop-off buses.  It was around -2°’s the entire day but with plenty of walking, the best value food in one of the best wine café’s  (thanks Geoff) we managed to keep warm. Actually, that’s a lie.  It was freezing all day!

Andrew and I followed it up with a return visit to the Eiffel Tower to take some nice evening shots.  I think it was around -4° then!

Available on Youtube, check out the video here:


Going back to Tuesday, we did the Eiffel Tower.  No, I didn’t get past level 2 but Geoff and Andrew did and loved the sureal feeling of being so high. You know the feeling, the ones people get when they don’t have Acrophobia and can brave such a tall building.

We did the BatoBus (river cruise) down to Notre Dame Cathedral and generally had a great view of everything around before we walked up to Lafayette (shopping district).

…and back to today

So from backing up Tuesday’s walks around the city with the other extended walks in between infrequent and freezing buses and then Disneyland and it’s 5 theme parks within the single Disneyland area, we have welcomed our one day off and will head to London tomorrow via Eurostar (Chunnel) and start the 3rd leg of our journey.


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